About Us


Fair Mobility was founded by Ann & Barry Voce as a registered charity with the aim of providing mobility equipment at major events in the UK for the benefit of people with disabilities.

If you are disabled, have difficulty and pain when walking or even standing for any length of time, it can spoil your enjoyment of large outdoor or indoor events and that’s just not fair, especially when you’ve paid to get in the same as everybody else.

Fair Mobility provides powered scooters for hire, giving you the opportunity to explore events in comfort and at your own pace. We supply 3 and 4-wheeled electric scooters, powerchairs and manual wheelchairs according to your needs and preferences.

Fair Mobility have first-hand experience of disability and understand some of the difficulties faced by people with disabilities in trying to lead so called ‘normal’ lives.

Fair Mobility don’t believe that anyone needs to lose their independence as well as their mobility, and hope that by using our service more people will be able to enjoy more events.

To find out more, or to pre-book a scooter (which we would recommend as they are very popular) please use the details on our contact page.

Fair Mobility asks you for a daily hire donation of £20 per day for an Electric Scooter/Powerchair
or £10 per day for a Manual Wheelchair towards our running costs. If you have never used us before we will need to see an official form of  identification bearing your current address, for example a driving licence, utility bill or passport.

We are a Registered Charity (No.1126073) and we rely on donations to continue providing this service. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated, and if you are a UK taxpayer your donation may be increased by 20% at no extra expense to you if you give us permission to claim Gift Aid.

We look forward to seeing you at some of our future events.

In Memory of Marion Dixon

This is a lovely picture of our dear friend Marion, with that huge smile that rarely left her face.

Marion’s motto in life was never”Why me?” – it was always “Why not me?”  She rose to every challenge that multiple sclerosis gave her with good humour, courage and strength, and a determination to live her life to the full, cramming in as many new and exciting experiences as possible.

Marion’s world was full of fun and we laughed until we ached.
She supported Fair Mobility from the beginning and she would have been so proud to see the way the charity has grown.
We are privileged to have had her as our friend and our inspiration – she’ll be with us for ever.