Our Volunteers

John Raine

I’m proud to be a volunteer for Fair Mobility. In a former life I was a Senior Manager within the mining industry and I hope I bring some of that experience to the team.

I first became involved with the charity when my partner and I were temporarily incapacitated by injury and the team were very keen to help us at festivals throughout that difficult year. We then started volunteering for them, selling raffle tickets and giving general assistance around the events.

Chris Burch

If it wasn’t for Fair Mobility, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the festivals – they’ve changed my life! The power scooters have enabled me to access the front of the stage at Cropredy and enjoy the music up close! As a thank you, I volunteer where I can and with my experience and skills as a stage manager for bands and the film industry. Alongside my wife Wendy, I also supply the team with some choice hotpots, fry ups, bbqs, cakes & cream scones  – all with uplifting yorkshire banter!

Yvonne Bennett

I enjoyed a job as an Intensive/Cardiac Care Nurse, sadly retiring early with M.E. I have Joint Hypermobility/Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, so despite being an avid Fairport Convention fan, my disability always prevented me from attending Cropredy. By hiring a scooter from Fair Mobility in 2005, I was able to enjoy the festival for the first time and have done so ever since.

In recognition of Fair Mobility’s work, I became a volunteer for them. I am now the ‘Fundraising Officer’ at Cropredy.


Pete Borlace

I’m a freelance graphic designer who helps the team with fund-raising and in maintaining the website.

I first met Ann and Barry in 2009, when my partner Emma’s mum needed to hire a wheelchair so she could visit Lincoln Christmas Market. We were really impressed with Ann and Barry’s caring nature and enthusiasm for what they do. Over a cup of tea, they explained the charity’s status as a volunteer run organisation. I offered to help update the branding and website and Emma and I have been volunteering at festivals since.