Terms & Conditions

Below are our terms and conditions when hiring a scooter or wheelchair.


Equipment’ refers to any scooter, powerchair or manual wheelchair, ramps or accessories, keys, chargers and electrical equipment on hire from Fair Mobility.

Hire Form’ is a form setting out details of the Equipment to be hired out by Fair Mobility and the terms of hire.

Customer’ is the individual or organisation entering into the agreement to hire Equipment from Fair Mobility, as set out on the Hire Form

‘User, or a Nominated Representative’ is the person specified on the Hire Form as being the intended User of the Equipment and, where this is not the Customer, will be treated for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions as using the Equipment with the Customer’s full approval.

‘Hire Period’ is the period of time specified on the Hire Form from the collection of the Equipment by the Customer or the User to its return to Fair Mobility.

‘Day’ is a 24 hour period in the case of Private Hire or Overnight Hire, or an Event’s opening hours up to 1am.

1) The Customer declares that:

a) The Customer is at least 18 years old and, where the User is under 18 years old, the User will be accompanied by an adult at all times when using the Equipment.

b) The Customer reasonably believes that the User is capable of safely operating the Equipment after training and instruction from Fair Mobility. The Customer confirms that the User has not been medically assessed as being unfit to operate the Equipment. The Customer declares that the weight and height limit details required have been supplied accurately.

c) The Customer will take good care of the Equipment at all times during the Hire Period, and will ensure that it is used only in accordance with the instructions provided by Fair Mobility and, where the User is under 18 years of age, that the User is accompanied by an adult at all times when using the Equipment.

d) Only the User will use the appliance, except where the Customer has notified Fair Mobility in writing of their Nominated Representative, who is authorised only to collect/deliver the appliance to/from the User and for no other purpose. In particular, but without limitation, the Customer will ensure that no passengers are allowed to ride on any Equipment or to stand on the back bumper or platform;

2) If the Equipment has not been collected by the time specified on the Confirmation of Booking under ‘Late Arrivals’ , and Fair Mobility has not been notified regarding the delay by email on info@fair-mobility.org.uk or by contact/message on 07553365252, Fair Mobility will be entitled to regard the booking as cancelled.

3) Cancellations and Refunds – the time limit to apply for a refund is one month from the booked date. It is the responsibility of the customer to apply for a refund by telephone, by post or email. Refunds are payable on request, as follows:-

a) Cancellation of the hire service by Fair Mobility – 100% refund

b) Cancellation of the event by organiser – 100% refund

c) Cancellation by Customer, received by Fair Mobility up to one hour past booked time of arrival: 1 day’s booking – 90% refund; 2 or more days’ booking – 95% refund

d) Cancellation by Customer with no notice, or notice received over one hour past booked time of arrival – No refund (except at our discretion in emergencies)

e) Cancellation of hire by Fair Mobility if the User is assessed as being unable to use the equipment safely after training by Fair Mobility – 100% refund

f) Cancellation of hire by Fair Mobility as a result of a breach of our Terms and Conditions by the Customer/User/Nominated Representative – No refund*

4) All powered Equipment must be returned to Fair Mobility at the end of each day’s Hire Period for battery charging. If returned after 1 am and the Fair Mobility staff have gone off duty, the Customer is responsible for putting the Equipment on charge in the charging tent, using the equipment provided and ensuring that all electrical leads and connectors are left in a safe and weatherproof condition. Fair Mobility will not be responsible for replacing any Equipment that has not been adequately charged due to Customer negligence.

5) The Equipment must be returned to Fair Mobility by the specified time at the end of the Hire Period in the same condition as it was supplied to the Customer. If delayed, please notify Fair Mobility immediately by telephoning 07553 365252. If the Equipment is returned later than the date and time shown on the Hire Form (or if any actions by the Customer prevent Fair Mobility from collecting the Equipment at the agreed time) the Customer will pay Fair Mobility for the extended Hire Period at the appropriate daily rate.

6) The charges for hiring the Equipment (and any cash deposit, delivery or collection charges) are set out on and payable in accordance with the Hire Form/Booking Details Form.

7) The Customer accepts full liability for any loss of or damage to the Equipment, and any injury to the Customer, the User or any third party caused (in each case) during the Hire Period, and which are caused other than as a result of Fair Mobility’s negligence. The equipment must be used according to the instructions given to the User by Fair Mobility. Particular regard should be given to the instructions for use of Equipment in wet weather conditions, enclosed. If Equipment is returned to us in an unusable condition due to excessive mud in the axles and motor it may not be released again the following day and no replacement machine will be available. A breach of any of these instructions renders the User fully responsible for any damage to equipment or persons. The Customer is therefore advised to obtain appropriate insurance to cover this potential liability. For the avoidance of doubt, however, nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to exclude Fair Mobility’s liability for any death or personal injury caused as a result of its own negligence.

8) The Customer or User must immediately report to Fair Mobility any loss of or damage to the Equipment, and any accident causing personal injury to anyone or any damage to property. Details of any insurance claim must also be provided where applicable. Report by telephoning 01159 875983, 07553 365252, or in person to the Fair Mobility staff at an event.

9) The Customer will notify Fair Mobility of any problems with the Equipment immediately, by telephoning/messaging 07553 365252, and before contacting the Event’s rescue services. The Customer must not abandon Equipment without Fair Mobility permission.

Our Commitment to the Customer/User:

Fair Mobility undertakes to supply the Customer with Equipment as ordered, at the times and dates specified, consistent with the booking details form supplied

Fair Mobility will carry out an assessment of the User’s competence to use the Equipment, giving instruction and training where necessary. Fair Mobility reserves the right to cancel the booking if we are not satisfied that the User is competent to use the Equipment. A full refund will be given.

Fair Mobility will respect the User’s privacy and needs at all times

Fair Mobility will charge up scooter/powerchair batteries overnight if returned to us by 1 am. Any Equipment returned after 1 am should be put on charge by the Customer. Equipment will not be released until adequately charged, usually not before 10.30 am.

Fair Mobility will respond to any scooter/powerchair breakdowns promptly upon being notified of a problem, using the Event’s rescue services where necessary.

*We have a zero tolerance approach to any form of aggression or abuse to our volunteer staff. Any Customer/User/Nominated Representative behaving in a threatening or abusive manner will result in a cancellation of the hire agreement with no refund. Any grievance must be reported to the member of staff on duty in the Fair Mobility office and every effort will be made to solve the problem

Fair Mobility reserves the right to cancel any booking and/or repossess the Equipment, if it becomes apparent that a false declaration has been made or any of the Terms and Conditions have been breached.